Book Overview

A historical tradition of Roman origin represents Livia Drusilla, the third and much beloved wife of Caesar Augustus, as a conniving, Borgia-like criminal. 


But what if this image of Livia as a devious dynastic murderess is wrong?


Unravel the truth as you get to know more about I, Livia: The Counterfeit Criminal.



Know the Author

Mary Mudd, CPCS, PhD, a medical practitioner credentialing specialist by profession, pursues the study Roman and Byzantine history as an avocation.




Excerpt: Livia’s Early Life

On January 30, 58 BC, in the city of Rome, Italy, an auspicious event took place. A daughter was born, to the senator Marcus Livius Drusus Claudianus and his wife Alfidia. A brief ceremony followed the birth. After the baby was washed and swaddled, she was laid at her father’s feet.